How to ride a dick?

This is going to be a very useful read for those who want to learn how to ride dick like a pro. Everybody’s well-aware of how important it is to orgasm during sex and the cowgirl position is one of the most reliable ones when it comes to BOTH partners attaining climax.
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While watching cowgirl porn, it might seem like riding dick is easy, but… it’s not. It’s just not. Even though everyone remembers the legendary r/trashy post with one of the Facebook freaks saying something along the lines of “I know how to ride a dick but I have no idea how taxes work,” there’s still a huge demand for educational material regarding dick-riding.
Also worth mentioning – this is a woman’s guide how to ride dick, we’re going to be focusing on heterosexual action, for the most part. That being said, some of the things mentioned here are applicable for non-hetero lovin’ as well.

How to Ride a Dick - Tutorial - Best Tips

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#1. Take it Slow
This is the most important piece of advice in our list of tips on how to ride a dick. You NEED to indulge in a fair share of foreplay to make sure his dick is hard enough and your pussy is lubricated enough. If you want to make sure that the cowgirl section of your love-making session is the most memorable one, then you need to start with different positions before slowly making your way to the main event.
#2. Avoid Just Wiggling Your Butt
As it turns out, giving him a ride of a lifetime requires some fitness on your part. Try to experiment with different motions, including angular, circular, and sideways. It’s not ALL about bouncing up and down and it’s all about letting him wreak havoc inside of you.
#3. Make Sure You Understand What He Likes
Men can have sexual preferences too…. Crazy, right? Some guys have deep-seated fetishes, some prefer a few select sexual acts over others, etc. You can straight-up ask him or you can analyze his reactions and figure it out on your own if you’re somewhat shy.
#4. Be Mindful of Your Smell
Fresh, refreshing smell is ALWAYS attractive. WE hope you don’t ever neglect your personal hygiene, especially on the nights that you want to get lucky. Smell of your perfume, smell of your sweat (if you’re clean and have a good diet), these are the things that can send him into a state of sexual frenzy. He WILL be back for more (and more), no doubt about it.

#5. Help Him Out
The guy you’re riding might not be in shape and strong. Hell, he might be mature as well. That’s why he needs your help when it comes to acquiring a truly strong erection. Some guys need help when it comes to maintaining it as well, so that’s something to keep in mind before you start riding him.
#6. Wear Something Sexy
A pair of black stockings, a see-through top, a corset to conceal your soft belly… There are many different options, but if you want this to be unforgettable for him, you need to invest some time/effort into your visage.
#7. Be Confident and Be Selfish
Make sure that your pleasure is as important as his. Also, confidence is a huge turn-on.

Questions and Answers Section: How to ride a dick?

Q: How to ride a small dick?
A: Instead of going up and down, you should rock back and forth. Also, please don’t make him feel about his size, it’s not like he can change it anyway.

Q: How to ride a big dick?

A: A truly big cock can start crushing your cervix right from the get-go. The best way to avoid that unpleasant scenario – angle your torso at a certain angle and grind back and forth instead of bouncing up and down.

Q: Is it okay to incorporate toys during cowgirl sex?

A: Depends on your partner. Should ask them first.
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